Score of the Week: Days of Future Past


My name is Kenneth, and I am going to open with this: I am by no means a composer or writer but I really enjoy listening to scores. I have decided to do a small write up on the score from X-Men: Days Of Future Past which was composed by John Ottman and performed by Jeffrey Schindler, American Federation of Musicians & Jasper Randall Choir. I picked a few of my favourite tracks. Hopefully this doesn’t come across as boring. If so, blame Andres, he roped me into this.

[Admin’s Note: I take full blame and responsibility.]

Times Up

If I can remember correctly this is the track for the first action setpiece in the film. The scoring starts with small rumblings of a greater threat to come and becomes louder and faster.  It really gave me the feeling of urgency one would expect from the end of the world. Like the X-Men, you feel you’re in the last ditch efforts to find safety.

Hat Rescue

This music track takes place in the film when Erik Lehnsherr goes and retrieves his helmet. This track has a nice little nod to the original Magneto scores from the original X-Men trilogy.

Hope (Xaviers Theme)

My favourite track from the film. It has a lot going for me. When I first heard this song, I was in a very rough patch in my life, and so I would listen to this almost on repeat because it felt like the track really encompassed how heavy I felt. I felt alone, very much like Xavier did (maybe not to the same degree but I thought we were in the same wheel house of just feeling like shit). But later on in this track the horns and the violin begin to pick up, inspiring hope. I still felt alone, yes, but I also felt like this was just going to be a temporary rough patch in my life that I could overcome. This track did what its name said it would, it gave me hope.

Join Me

Another track that was important to me. In the movie, this cues in just when Xavier finally lets Raven/Mystique make her own choices and decisions. He learns how to let her go and to let go of the pain and anger he had for what happened in the past. It does the same for me.

Welcome Back/End Titles

This track was a nice throwback to the original trilogy as well, specifically X2: X-Men United. There was a track my sister and I used to enjoy listening to on repeat when we were younger and it happens to be the theme from X2.

Again, this is pretty much slapped together and I apologize for the horrid writing [Editor’s Note: I’ve seen worse.] and hope to never do this again. So ya know….until next time!


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