Kennisha’s Film Queue: Apr. 25th – May 1st

What time is it? Summertime! (If you didn’t get that reference I’m sorry but we can’t be friends). I have finally finished school! Now I can lay on the couch for ridiculous amounts of time and not feel bad about it.

Green Room (2016)
Directed by Jeremy Saulnier

This movie is fucking insane and I loved it. It’s a bit of a slow burn but you’re hooked from beginning to end. I have never imagined Patrick Stewart in such a menacing role, but once I saw how incredible he was, all doubts were silenced. His authoritative, rational, but chilly tone worked perfectly. You want to trust him – how can such a nice sounding reasonable man do any harm? – he just wants to fix everything. At the same time, he also makes you realize fixing everything doesn’t involve smiles and hugs. It can get pretty gory at times but it felt purposeful. Some horror movies go completely overboard with the gore for shock value, and luckily, this is not one of those films. I had pretty much zero expectations going into this  and I think that resulted in a better experience. Not to say it would have been bad otherwise, but I could see hype dampening the experience ever so slightly.

Oculus (2015)
Directed by Mike Flanagan

I had a huge fear of mirrors when I was a kid. I had a closet door that was a mirror and I covered it up with a sheet. Honestly, I have no idea where the fear started, but to this day, they still kind of freak me out. My sister and I decided to watch a movie, and when she said “let’s watch Oculus”, I death glared her before I (unenthusiastically) gave in. I’m quite happy that I did because it was great. The siblings start out debating whether the seemingly paranormal events were actually occurring or just odd coincidences, which contributes greatly to the building tension between them. There were minor instances that annoyed me, such as the mirror’s other victims outside of the main family, because I didn’t really care about them at all as their presence felt unnecessary. What I loved was how you went through the same process as the siblings in figuring out what is reality and what is being altered by the mirror,. It really messes with you at certain points. The ending scene was by far my favourite part, if I wasn’t such a chicken I would definitely watch it again.

Interstellar (2015)
Directed by Christopher Nolan

This was my second time watching Interstellar, and I still love it almost as much as I did the first time. It lost a bit of impact because hindsight isn’t something that works well with this movie.  Aside from that, the deeply heartfelt tone works really well with the science of it all because science fiction films can sometimes come across as a little cold.  It’s one of those times I wish I had a home theatre, as the entire thing is so visually striking that my small television doesn’t quite do it justice.

The main thing that bothered me (due to my lack of a scientific brain) is how the beginning  can be caused by the end but the end be caused by the beginning? It’s weird to think about time as nonconsecutive since that’s all we know as humans. Basically, after the movie I sat there with a headache from piecing everything together. If there was ever a good headache to have, this was one of them.

The Gift (2015)
Directed by Joel Edgerton

The Gift is one of those films that uses psychological thriller cliches, but uses them so well, it doesn’t matter, especially as Edgerton uses all the best parts of thrillers yet creates a film that isn’t an exact copy of one. The story is unpredictable – you always know something isn’t quite right, but can’t pinpoint exactly what. Once you get to the end, all your best guesses were probably wrong. Jason Bateman’s switch from comedy was seamless and he was great at portraying how much of a dick his character, Simon, was while simultaneously making us feel connected to him, as most of us have had that one unwanted person we wish would leave us alone. It’s interesting how much damage thoughts/doubts can do once it’s cultivated in the right ways.


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