Bad Moms – Review

Are you a stressed out, overworked, under-appreciated parent?  Me neither.  But that didn’t stop me from enjoying the circus that was Bad Moms.

Though it wasn’t my favourite movie, Bad Moms wasn’t BAD.  I do think it could have been better, but it looked like such a riot to be a part of, and I bet it was a blast to shoot.  Bad Moms missed a few opportunities to be funnier, smarter, edgier, etc… but it was still a fun girl-power story, and its message is clear: failing does not make you a failure, it makes you human. (Read: The Struggle Is Real.)

Have you ever looked at a young or single parent struggling under the weight of the world (or even the weight of their surprising toddler)?  Did you want to help them?  Did you want to run?  I had several helpings of each emotion throughout the duration of this film.  For a movie about women that is written by men, the tone, albeit a little awkward at times, is pretty spot-on.  I, and several other women I have met talk a lot like the women in this movie.  The narrative was harsh at times but truthful.  It combined a decent amount of raunchiness with some heartwarming moments, wild sitcom tropes with important messages, and a great cast with charming, honest performances.  The chemistry between the leads is a hilarious balance of different characters from equally endearing actresses.  Kathryn Hahn’s loud and profane performance is met well by Kristen Bell’s meek motherliness, and Mila Kunis leads the show with confidence.

Most of the male characters seemed pretty one-dimensional, but maybe that was on purpose.  I generally take issue with characters written this way, but in our world of male-dominated media, I can sort of understand why it happened here.  There were a few jokes that didn’t hit me, and some that hit me the wrong way, and I still came out of Bad Moms not feeling too guilty for spending today’s ticket price.

One of the greatest things about this movie is that the “Bad Moms” don’t truly become bad parents, they just want to embrace a life, even just a friendship, outside of their family units.  Freedom is of utmost importance, on every scale.  These moms come from all different walks of life, but they share their experiences together, and really take control of their lives.  It was so rewarding seeing the release these characters felt, because really, we all need a break.

I recommend this movie for any mother figure who has had it up to HERE.  Have a night out, don’t think too much, and enjoy!


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