Day 2: Raw

Coming of age meet Horror, a match made in Heaven. For me at least.

If you’re like me and like to keep your ear to the ground regarding festival buzz, you’ve heard of Raw by now.

At first, it played at Cannes in the International Critics’ Week section – in which it would win the FIPRESCI Prize. And yes, that creates buzz for sure, but it would later play at TIFF and that’s what you’ve heard. At least two ambulances were called to the rescue for the film as a few audience members were escorted out after fainting and vomiting due to the film.

So hearing that, I obviously had to seek it out before the festival ended because who knew when I was going to get the chance to see it again.  So I got myself a ticket and went to see it and I fell in love.

You see, Raw is a film about change and what it’s like to desire human flesh for the first time in your life. An odd thing to relate to, I’m sure but the film has no problem at all in making you believe it. While other films might make the world a bit more fantastical in order to make you accept the strangeness of cannibalism, somehow Raw only knows how it makes it feel real.

Funnily enough, I would see Raw a few hours before seeing Moonlight and it very much was a day that changed my life.

I would later end up seeing it again after a party with a few friends at roughly 1 am and that was a journey in its own right. One of the people watching it (an old friend and writer Kenneth) wasn’t aware that it was a horror film – or one about cannibalism so he was in for a treat.



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