Day 7: The Killing of a Sacred Deer

I wasn’t aware of who Yorgos Lanthimos until The Lobster and a few friends had attempted to see it at TIFF. They tried to rush it and asked me to join them and since I was completely oblivious so I had no interest in it. Then the word of mouth arrived, and I realized I had to see it.

Thankfully, they didn’t make it into the screening so it wasn’t a regret on my end. Not that I would have been glad to have seen it anyway. Because once I finally saw it, I found that it made me made me angry. I won’t explain why as it’s a spoiler – but I was on the fence and after that moment, I wasn’t going to positively react to the rest of the film. There was a lot of it that was good, but I found it far too cold for my liking.

It’s apparently a masterpiece but I couldn’t connect to it.

Enter The Killing of a Sacred Deer, another English speaking film starring Colin Farrell. I got tickets to see it at TIFF and as the film began, I thought to myself maybe this is the one.

After seeing it then, and revisiting it this week I realized it is not. I like this film more than The Lobster since Sacred Deer reminds of Kubrick (Eyes Wide Shut in particular). It’s this constant voyeur look that intrigued me. I got some of the absurd humour – or just the absurdism in general.

I just don’t see myself connecting to the film when the films are so detached from emotion within it.  Everything is just blunt and in your face, avoiding any poetic language to beat around a bush, it just is.

That being said, after seeing the trailer for his next film The Favorite, maybe that’s the one.


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