Day 9: Crazy Rich Asians

Crazy Rich Asians is the film that is currently about to break the box office, and based on the book of the same name written by Kevin Kwan. It’s getting a ton of (rightful) praise for it’s all Asian cast.

As of lately, we keep living in a world in which films are “white-washed” and certain cultures aren’t getting properly visualized and represented on screen but many people are tired of living in that world. Director Jon M. Chu (Now You See Me 2) is one of those people. He actively fought for this project as he gave a presentation on what it meant to him to be an Asian-American.

There are many times I watch a film and can feel the atmosphere within it as it builds its own world. But with this film, I got invited into a world I would have never been aware of as the atmosphere bled into the theatre. There was this feeling in the room that was absolutely electric as the film was projected in a sold-out room.

As the movie began, honestly I wasn’t aware of where the film was going to go. It felt like it was more of a TV movie – and I don’t mean to discredit the film by saying that – but something about what I saw felt off to me. I felt detached and I couldn’t relate, and the cinematography didn’t scream “cinema” for me.

I wish I could remember when my mind changed, but it did. And I fell for them.

Crazy Rich Asians is adorable and sweet. It’s all about family, and being enough for someone. How far would you go for your significant other, and where our own and their happiness comes from. The ultimate quest to try and stay both selfless and selfish and how the boundaries sometimes blur together.

Yes, technically the film is a specific look at “the 1% of Asian families” but it’s a blockbuster take on what means. The fact that an all Asian-American cast is what is groundbreaking about the film is depressing because that shouldn’t be as rare as it is.

More films like this, including a sequel that I’d gladly go see when it’s released. Not if, but when. Change is coming, are you ready? We are.

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