Day 12: The Witch

Ah yes, everyone’s favourite Olde English Satanic approved horror film. Or to some, a very slow boring horror film.

As some may know, I (like many) swear by the distribution company A24. They (like others) release some of the best most diverse films. It feels like the Blumhouse model work to film that aren’t primarily genre films. And A24 has been releasing these unique horror films that are far more slower in pace and more concerned in atmosphere. Looking at It Comes at Night, and Hereditary, and sometimes those films carry more hype than they should and it backfires for audiences expectations.

As much as I love all three, it can sort of boil down to a formula, but most horror films can as well.

Let’s recall that The Witch  had the privilege of introducing Anya Taylor-Joy to the world, and she’s slowly becoming the incredible star she rightfully deserves.

The movie plot line isn’t hard to follow, a family is kicked out of their village due to their beliefs so they must find a new home. They decide to build one in the woods, and in the woods is a witch as well. She steals and murders, and then eats the youngest child.

Somewhere within the film lies a sub-plot of burgeoning sexuality, and puberty. The act of becoming a woman while bathing in blood.

The first time I saw The Witch, I saw it at TIFF. I waited in line for almost four hours for the possibility of making it in.

By the time the film reaches it’s conclusion, I am always deep within the woods with the family, anticipating every moment and words that get said. By the time he says “would thou like to live deliciously?” I have chills running through my body, I’m always scared I might say yes.

Also, Black Phillip rules.

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