2015 – 2019?

I mean it this time, I swear.

I’ll be honest, I’m pretty sure nobody is still on this site. We can get random people finding our articles but as always, I never had the chance to build the community – which I always wanted. I’m still looking for some sort of response to the work I’ve done here, but it’s not necessary. Not anymore.

In 2015, Jeffrey and I launched a podcast together, The Film Queue. A podcast to mimic the conversations people had as they walked out of the theatre, that was roughly what it boiled down to. We added the question element of asking a question that related to the film of the week.  And we did good, we had fun, but we got tired. It became exhausting. But as we both always wanted to make movies, we found a love that didn’t exist before the podcast, film criticism. Or I did at least. And if I were to be more specific, I think what I loved the most was somehow convincing myself that my voice mattered. At the time, I needed convincing.

I quit a pretty toxic job at the time to launch this site, and it was glorious. I had the time of my life designing and prepping it for launch, and then money became an issue so I had to return to the company, not the same location, but the company. I’m still working with them.

We presented new films, new ideas, and new voices to our friends and family. We held a screening for Speed Racer and while I was too anxious and terrified to speak up and introduce the film, Jeffrey, my right-hand man in all of this, was able to do so when I couldn’t.

Speed Racer is a film that works in miraculous ways. It brings you into this other world and doesn’t accept any and, if’s, or but’s, it just is as it is. It’s about family, and acceptance, and support. How crucial it is, to be supported by your circle. In retrospect, it’s clear that it’s a common theme throughout the Wachowski’s work, staying true to oneself, and how crucial support is.

The screening was a success. Friends approached me in tears telling me how they found themselves so wrapped in the film and couldn’t believe how they cried during the final race when they were so ready to write the film off entirely as it began.

They supported me when I needed it.

At the same time, I had a bunch of friends who wrote on the site as well, some were brought over from our podcasting days.

I need to acknowledge both because I can’t separate them.

Jake Wright (doubled as an editor/engineer/producer and sort of renaissance man), Charles Fernandes, Carrie Noble who were guests.

And my wonderful writers/family: Kennisha Archer, William Adore, Kenneth Bemister, Mackenzie Boyd-Garrison, Anjali Ramgoolam, Bil Antoniou, Anders Gatten, Corissa Empson, Justinn Lee, Lea Racine, Skyler Queen, Arianne Binette, and of course, Jeffrey Pedernera. This project wouldn’t have kept going as strong is it may have if it wasn’t for all of you.

As it kept happening, The Film Queue has gone back to being just me. And it’s not, it hasn’t been and it wouldn’t be fair for me to claim that without acknowledging my history with my friends here. Plus, I’m tired. I’m working on other projects and ideas that my stupid creative mind has given me and it’s kind of wonderful, but it still means I think it’s time for me to shut this down.

I might try and change it to a free domain, a la .wordpress.com scenario, but I’m not sure how that would affect the site just yet, so we’ll find out eventually. It doesn’t make fiscal sense for me to continue running this site when I’m not posting on it anymore.

You can currently find my writings at The UnderSCENE. The wonderful Arianne Binette is behind it. We launched it last fall, and we are doing our best at it, and we are proud of it. I’m also a co-host on a podcast called Tower Talk. We talk to artists and entrepreneurs in Toronto, and GTA to get to know them a bit beyond their Instagram page. It’s been a great joy to be part of this as well. I already have a few ideas of a new podcast I would be handling myself, and for the first time since before the seeds of this idea even were planted, I’m working on scripts again.

It’s been a long time, but I am happy and excited about the future.

I do have fun and great things coming, it, unfortunately, will no longer include this.

Thank you,
I love you,

See you elsewhere.

The Film Queue


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