First Film: Alien 3

For the last two months of me doing these First Film segments, the actual first films I’ve looked at have been the kinds of movies you’d expect from a new director. I’m talking about low budget auteur indie flicks that highlight the talent of up-and-comers. Fincher in this context is the outlier. Instead of proving […]

Star Trek Beyond – Review

Call me crazy, but sometimes I just want to have a good time at the movies. I don’t need every blockbuster busting my face in with a ‘today’s-headline’ meta-narrative or existential meditation. I don’t need every cash-grabbing reheat of a franchise to shoot-up on dark, gritty “realism” that, to be honest, is really just pessimism. […]

First Film: Duel

It’s fairly common to hear new filmmakers throw around the phrase “calling card”. A calling card movie represents your style as a filmmaker so you can shop yourself around to studios. It’s become less common now that everyone and their dog has a demo reel, but you still hear about them, just usually not in […]

Anders’ Top 5 (so far) of 2016

My blind spots for 2016 are many, but I still managed to make it out to the cinema a handful of times this year. Nonetheless, here is an assortment of the ones that really stood out amongst those outings. The latter half of ‘16 looks like it has some great surprises up its sleeve, but […]