The Lists: Prologue

As the name of this website hopefully suggests, we few who write for The Film Queue are avid lovers of cinema. However, as is the case with most people, our interests are not limited to the silver screen alone. In fact, a healthy knowledge of all mediums of artistic expression can and will deepen one’s […]

Final Film: Noah

It looks like for the second Director’s Week in a row, I’ve been tasked with defending a generally maligned film. This time, it’s Darren Aronofsky’s misunderstood gem, Noah. There was a lot of confusion in the wake of this film’s release, as people could not make sense of Aronofsky’s fantastic take on the biblical epic. The way […]

The Nice Guys – Review

More like the Not-So-Nice Guys, am I right, fellas? Let’s discuss why this film works despite its plot being a muddled mess. Yes, that means this will be a conversation about character versus plot and what side you ultimately come down on being the leading factor in your enjoyment of this film.