Blade Runner 2049 – Review

”More human than humans.” Blade Runner 2049 is one hell of a film. Chilling, dark and poignant, it gets you into all the crevices of your heart while you sit there, completely engulfed in the universe depicted by the director Denis Villeneuve. There are no bright colours, they don’t exist. One of the first shots […]

The Nightmare Before Christmas

All my former emo kids, get in formation, for we are gonna be talking about The Nightmare Before Christmas. This movie came out in 1993, exactly 23 years ago; a very fine age if you ask me. These were the good years, beautiful babies were born, some of these babies even became writers out there […]

Stranger Things

I’m not late at all or anything… But I just finished watching Stranger Things and what a wild ride that was. The day the 8 episode series came out, a lot of my friends took on to social media to proclaim their newfound love. Some of those friends even reached out to me and told […]