Saw & The Evolution of Torture Porn

There is probably no genre that has more sub-genres than horror. The list is never-ending and I’m positive I’m not even aware of all of them. Some are so strange and bizarre while others are very straightforward (found footage, slasher, etc). But none of them has a flashier name than Torture Porn. Advertisements

Formulaic Horror in The Woods

The Cabin in the Woods is sly and self-aware in its commentary. At first, it seems obvious what it’s about, a bunch of teenagers going out to a cabin in the woods to party amongst themselves, but things quickly go wrong. If you, like I did upon my first watch go in thinking it’s that simple […]

Body Horror & Ginger Snaps

As any of the previous entries for Horror Week has proven, there are multiple sub-genres and Body Horror surprisingly hasn’t been one of them. I only say surprisingly because as while one of our main writers is located in Montreal, everyone else lives in Toronto where David Cronenberg was not only born and raised but […]

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre – Review

So, I’ve said before in previous posts that I find that horror movies nowadays have lost their touch in terms of fear factor. In other words, they bore me to tears (literally, I fell asleep watching Conjuring 2). It was cool to watch horror movies when I was younger. I remember my mom sneaking my brother […]