Formulaic Horror in The Woods

The Cabin in the Woods is sly and self-aware in its commentary. At first, it seems obvious what it’s about, a bunch of teenagers going out to a cabin in the woods to party amongst themselves, but things quickly go wrong. If you, like I did upon my first watch go in thinking it’s that simple […]

Body Horror & Ginger Snaps

As any of the previous entries for Horror Week has proven, there are multiple sub-genres and Body Horror surprisingly hasn’t been one of them. I only say surprisingly because as while one of our main writers is located in Montreal, everyone else lives in Toronto where David Cronenberg was not only born and raised but […]

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre – Review

So, I’ve said before in previous posts that I find that horror movies nowadays have lost their touch in terms of fear factor. In other words, they bore me to tears (literally, I fell asleep watching Conjuring 2). It was cool to watch horror movies when I was younger. I remember my mom sneaking my brother […]