Doctor Who Series 11 Premiere – Review

Doctor Who is back and not only is it making history with it’s first female Doctor, but it hits the reset button in one hell of a way.


The First Purge – Blu-Ray Review

Blumhouse and Universal struck gold with the first Purge film with an interesting premise along with it. How would the world react if all crime was legal for 12 hours. The problem was the first film decided to use that premise for a home invasion film. Creator James DeMonaco course corrected and gave us a […]

TIFF Weekly Queue 2018 Edition

Another year, another festival in the bag. My second year at TIFF, I saw 16 films within the 11 days, and I’ve been trying to beat that record ever since. 3 years later, I beat it with 21 films. So let’s get this over with and have TIFF finally be over because this writer is […]