Glass – Blu-Ray Review

I initially saw the film a few days early at a promo screening, and I walked away fairly moved by parts of the film. I went around and told some close friends that I recommended it, and was fairly shocked when they returned disliking it. Or how the film wasn’t celebrated critically.  It was a […]

The Grinch – Blu-Ray Review

To be completely honest, I’m one of the few who was unsure why we needed another version of this story to be made. In fact, I know some people who think that we never needed the Ron Howard version. I vividly remember seeing that version in the cinema with a cousin and my uncle. For […]

The First Purge – Blu-Ray Review

Blumhouse and Universal struck gold with the first Purge film with an interesting premise along with it. How would the world react if all crime was legal for 12 hours. The problem was the first film decided to use that premise for a home invasion film. Creator James DeMonaco course corrected and gave us a […]

Ponyo – Review

Ponyo is a 2008 Japanese animated fantasy comedy film written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki and produced by Studio Ghibli and centers around the story of a goldfish named Ponyo who befriends Sōsuke, a five-year-old human boy, and dreams to become a girl. Under a new deal between Studio Ghibli and GKIDS, Ponyo is being re-issued on Blu-Ray and DVD starting October 17th.