First Film: Alien 3

For the last two months of me doing these First Film segments, the actual first films I’ve looked at have been the kinds of movies you’d expect from a new director. I’m talking about low budget auteur indie flicks that highlight the talent of up-and-comers. Fincher in this context is the outlier. Instead of proving […]

First Film: Duel

It’s fairly common to hear new filmmakers throw around the phrase “calling card”. A calling card movie represents your style as a filmmaker so you can shop yourself around to studios. It’s become less common now that everyone and their dog has a demo reel, but you still hear about them, just usually not in […]

First Film: Bound

One of the beautiful aspects of looking back at a first film is seeing a director take their first big risks as a filmmaker while already knowing how it turns out for them. It is dramatic irony, a narrative device the Wachowskis apply liberally across their first feature: Bound. There isn’t a character in the movie that doesn’t […]

First Film: Pi

Putting a film, or any creation, into the world for the first time creates an expectation and standard people will expect for all proceeding work. Although it’s not as simple as a hit or miss. Darren Aronofsky’s first film Pi was an incredible first film, which I hated. It’s a little convoluted but I’ll explain why I […]